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Individualized digital camera class in Bakersfield California

My name is Ed Ruth and I teach photography. For seven years I held monthly classes at Henley’s Photography in Bakersfield, California. You can become a travel photographer, portrait photographer, freelance photojournalist, a pet photographer, even a wedding photographer once you have learned the ten basic principles of photography. I took all the photographs on this website, but I guarantee you can do better! Contact me Here or text: 661-303-9210 in Bakersfield, California.

If you want professional results from your camera, you have come to the right place. I teach the use of the latest mirrorless digital camera equipment so that you will be able to get ALL you paid for from your camera and lens. You have talents just waiting to be expressed visually. These talents will come to life once the basics are properly explained. An expert is a student who has mastered the essential basics!

Camera Classes in Bakersfield, California

Ed Ruth provides photography and Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom classes to individuals or groups in Bakersfield, California.

Text me at: 661-303-9210 or email me

I will accommodate your schedule

Any camera, every lens, I teach it!

I also write Kindle books about Photography

My photography is on sale!

All camera and Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom classes are designed to meet your needs. Up to two students may attend a one-to-one camera class. I am also available as a lecturer for camera clubs or educational institutions.

All student information is strictly private and never shared in any way.

My work includes both graphic art and photography. All photographs and illustrations on this website are my work. I am local to Bakersfield. Above photographs: Nikon Z50 & Z 12-28mm (my light travel gear).

Text me at: 661-303-9210


Photograph of a train as seen from an overpass

Photography is a blend of art and science. It really, really helps to know something about both.

Your Instructor

Photograph of Ed Ruth, the photography teacher

You will be able to look your camera in the eye and see an equal.


Illustration of a theoretical histogram

The science of photography isn’t particularly difficult but there is a lot of it. The instructor’s job is to teach you what you need to know to be successful.

Email me Here or text: 661-303-9210 in Bakersfield, California

Additional information here: Camera class outline

Your Instructor…

My photography classes last about four hours. I often teach at a coffee shop in downtown Bakersfield or as arranged. For individual classes, bring a friend.

Be certain your camera has a fully charged battery and memory card for class. Class can be really dull without a working camera.

I also teach Introduction to Photoshop CC, ON1, and DxO PhotoLab 7 Elite. All photographs and illustrations in my Kindle books and web pages were created by Ed Ruth.

The class cost is $200 for up to two people and lasts about four hours or until ALL your questions are answered…
A bargain! It is about ten times less expensive per day than a plumber!

Resources: icp_curriculum_guide_part2.pdf , Home – Luminous Landscape ( , INTERNATIONAL COLOR CONSORTIUM , B&H Photo Video Digital Cameras, Photography, Computers (

This image, without sizable highlights, is easy on the eye.

Photography can be fun, profitable, creative, and technically superior at the same time. Contact me for a custom one-to-one camera class in Bakersfield, California. Please text me at: 661-303-9210 (preferred) or email me for an appointment.

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