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This website is about my individualized digital camera class in Bakersfield, California. My name is Ed Ruth and I have been teaching photography for almost ten years. I provide 1 to 1 (two people may attend) classes covering your digital camera and lenses.

Camera class: I teach a beginners’ or more advanced digital photography class that covers your camera, lens, and photographic composition. You will learn how to choose options and menu settings to obtain the best professional result from your camera and lens.

Photoshop class: I also teach photographic post-production using Photoshop, Lightroom, or DxO PhotoLab Elite.

Photoshop for graphic arts and design: Additionally, I teach the use of Photoshop for graphic arts at a beginners’ level. So if you wish to use Photoshop to produce visual aids for marketing, I can certainly get you started.

For the camera class, I often meet students at a coffee shop in downtown Bakersfield. But I have met students in lawyer’s offices, homes, and businesses. All classes are confidential. No private information is ever released. Camera or Photoshop classes cost $200 for one session lasting about four to five hours. Please pay when class begins. I need to know the make and model of your camera and lens. Bring a pen & notepad, camera, fully charged battery, memory card, and your favorite lenses to class. Sorry, I cannot split this into two sessions or mix classes.

For additional information about the digital camera or Photoshop class follow this link: Camera Class In Bakersfield – Ed Ruth Photography Instructor in Bakersfield California or text me at: 661-303-9210 or email me at:

You will be able to look your camera in the eye and see an equal. I live in Bakersfield California and I am available almost all the time! Some of my photographs…

Fossil Falls north of Ridgecrest, California on US-395.

Downtown Bakersfield, California.

On the Big Sur Coast north of San Simeon, California

Photography can be fun, profitable, creative, and technically superior at the same time. Contact me for a custom one-to-one camera class in Bakersfield, California. Please text me at: 661-303-9210 (preferred) or email me using: for an appointment.

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All images and illustrations on this website are copyrighted by Ed Ruth