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Photoshop is more than a post-production image editor, it is a powerful graphic arts engine. Ed Ruth teaches the fundamentals of graphic art and desktop printing using inkjet or laser jet printers. Also below, paper sizes, weights, and image framing and mat size information. See more here.

Graphic Arts, Creating the tri-fold



Notes on tri-fold process: First & last fold 3.625 inches from page edge, second side place face (already printed side) down with top to the left. Page sequence for three column tri-fold: Page one: 5-6-1, Page two: 2-3-4

Paper Used: Office Depot Business Paper, 8.5 x 11. Matte, 32lb (120 gsm).

Below paper weights, paper sizes, and framing information….

Below an illustration by the author who teaches such stuff….

Nikon D810 Illustration

Photography can be fun, profitable, creative, and technically superior at the same time. Contact me for a custom one-to-one camera class in Bakersfield, California. Please text me at: 661-303-9210 (preferred) or email me using: for an appointment.

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