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Ed Ruth teaches individualized one-to-one photography classes in Bakersfield California. Contact me Here. Link to my book page here.

Below, I don’t always bring my tripod to class, so I drew an illustration of what I use. I like very strong tripods, very strong ball heads, and very strong Arca-type mounting clamps that secure the “L” bracket that attaches to my camera. I do not like “Quick Release” equipment unless I am to wrestle with a Boa Constrictor.

If you have any questions about equipment, you can email or call B&H. I have found that they are always very knowledgeable. If you are assembling your own chosen components, remember that an inexperienced mechanic over-tightens every fastener. Don’t do that! Make all connections reasonably snug but not ever ridiculously tight.

The aspect ratio of 35mm film is 2:3. This is very similar to the Golden Ratio.
An illustration of the “exposure triangle.”
An illustration of depth of field. An image is in best focus at only one point within the depth of field (DOF). DOF is a range of acceptable focus not perfect focus.mage description
Histogram of a grassy meadow. Grass reflects about 18% of the light striking it…perfect for the exposure meter in your camera.
An illustration of Kelvin color temperatures (Credit: Planckian Locus public domain). Kelvin color temperatures range through the spectrum of natural light.
The proper selection of a suitable metering mode really helps the photographer obtain a more perfect exposure.
Selective sharpening

Photography can be fun, profitable, creative, and technically superior at the same time. Contact me for a custom one-to-one camera class in Bakersfield, California. Please text me at: 661-303-9210 (preferred) or email Here for an appointment.

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